A Proposition to Medium Articulacy

"Photography may be more memorable than moving images, because they are a neat slice of time, not a flow. Television is a stream of underselected images, each of which cancels it predecessor. Each still photograph is a privileged moment, turned into a slim object that one can keep and look at again."

"Photographs were seen as a way of giving information to people who do not take easily to reading. The Daily News still called itself "New York's Picture Newspaper," it bids for populist identity. At the opposite end of the scale, Le Monde, a newspaper designer for skilled, well-informed readers, runs no photographs at all. The presumption is that, for such readers, a photograph could only illustrate the analysis contained in an article."
Citations from Susan Sontag's On Photography

Thus an assumption:
Writings (High Articulacy) --> Photography (Medium Articulacy) --> Film (Low Articulacy)

In order a film to achieve high articulacy, the film production roles, i.e. Scenography, Cinematography, Dramaturgy is without escape has to convince more and mere than just the basic content itself.

My portfolio, newly compiled. (pictures to come!)

Look at Me.

Logo Medley by Robert Abel & Associates

Brenner Typeface

My first assignment with Fred Smeijers, in which consists of a set of letters where by we were asked to complete them. 
Proportion Copyright: Fred Smeijers, Development: Evey Kwong

The Design Alliance

Many years back when i was working for William Harald-Wong, i made some experimentation while my project documentation of his founding the Design Alliance. This was made out of fun, an A1-sized poster, front and back printed in 4-colour. When opened, looks like tarot cards with each card consisting a character in all east asian languages.

Design: Evey Kwong


morgen: A short publication project on lies, fame, media manipulation and exploitation on readers. 'morgen' means 'tomorrow' has a utopian quality presenting its opinion with a tint of black humor. This project started out as an observation in a means of reproduction of pictures found on newspapers. In commemorance of Ferdinand Kriwet, Lina Grumm from HIT Studio was assigned by Prof. G√ľnter-Karl Bose in organizing this Workshop. Kriwet's works mainly engaged with text, language and concrete poetry since the 1960s. He was also one of the artists who contributed in the pop culture era in Germany. One of the spread depicts the recent controversy against the construction of minarets in Switzerland (also most countries in central Europe). The ban was said to be not a rejection of the Muslim community, religion or culture, which puts Muslim (or whatever things symbolizes Islam) as a culture of threat and taboo. This taboo questions the meaning of conservatism opposing the opposite imagery, a dildo, symbolizes modernism, fantasies and ignorance (what's trivial is often overlooked).

Text and Design: Evey Kwong

The Art of Hermann Zapf

Screenreading and writing are already with us, designing types and letters for the new technology. Tradition and progress shall be logically united. Does the new technology means that the serious lettering artists will be indispensable? No, the alphabet remains. Despite technology and mass production, beauty will not be lost. Aesthetically and technically, new solutions will be met.

Welt aus Schrift

 First draft, B/W

Stop-motion experimentation 

Summer Semester 2010: Campaign for the coming "Welt aus Schrift" exhibition in Berlin.
Updates coming up! 
Design: Evey Kwong

Paul Klee

Take 1

Take 2

Summer Semester 2009: A poster for Paul Klee Exhibition in commemoration of the recent Paul Klee Universum at Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin.

Design: Evey Kwong